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We dedicate this Neurosurgery: Notes for the Graduate Students to all the residents and young neurosurgeons. Some did read the books but could not grasp the important concepts or facts. We have designed this e-book (electronic book) in note format to provide a comprehensive, yet easy-to-read summary of the essential topics in neurosurgery covering clinical localization, basic neurosciences and neurosurgery itself. The authors want to make this e-book as an additional knowledge to the readers. The purpose is to highlight the important points in neurosurgery. Besides, the real truth in some current neurosurgical practices are not clear, therefore, it is only a guide in note format to make readers quickly grasp the important or arguable points. Some notes mentioned in this e-book are indeed debateable and they may evolve over time. Pertaining to aforementioned notes, the content of this e-book is largely gained from standard protocols or widely accepted practices, our personal experience, notes done during our neurosurgical training locally and overseas, notes taken during international conferences, notes obtained from our personal discussion with the seniors in neurosurgery from all over the world and notes made from current journals in neurosurgery. In summary, it is an electronic neurosurgical note-book with important and debateable knowledge that we would like to emphasize and share with neurosurgical trainees or any graduate students. It is not meant to replace other commonly-referred neurosurgical textbooks. Therefore, trainees and students should read this e-book as an additional-knowledge which could be subjected to further discussion. 

We would like thank our beloved wives and our family members for being supportive and understanding; our teachers for guiding us and our trainees for motivating us to write this e-book. Finally, we would like to state some interesting quotes from others:


1.      “The World is a book, and those who do not travel, only read a page” (Saint Augustine, 354-430).

2.       “The more you know, the more you see” and “The brain actually is not like a single organ. It's like a country, there are many organs (cities) in it: There are a vascular organ, an endocrine organ, an immunological organ and many more; In real fact, all are in the brain” (Professor Dr. M. Gazi Yasargil, father of modern neurosurgery).

3.      “You need fitness in all aspects: brain, mind, spirit and body to explore optimally the beauty of the brain and nervous system” (Zamzuri Idris, 2016).

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