The United States and the World: Lessons From American Politics and the Presidency
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This volume argues that the whole 'American Dream' is not about to fade away, while to many Americans, a 'New America' takes shape every time a president is changed. Both are in fact, the two sides of the same coin. On one side, in pursuit of the New America, all the three Presidents featured here - Obama, Trump, and Biden (in his first one hundred days) - have focused on as above in their domestic and foreign policies. On the reverse side, these can also function as guide posts for the respective administrations in their pursuit of the American Dream presented as efforts at nation branding, focusing on domestic and foreign affairs, the quest for greatness and democracy, and the Rule of Law. Despite what has occurred in the United States during the presidencies of Obama, Trump, and Biden, the book's perspective on the future of American politics and the presidency discussed will still remain valid for there is always 'a little bit of the old in the new'.

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